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In our modern times Islam and Muslims have come under heavy-handed scrutiny. Several aspects of Islam and Muslim society have been critiqued by people from all walks of the socio-political spectrum, whether it be your Evangelical Christian missionary, your secular academic, or your local politician, members from all groups and beyond have indulged in the following discourse.

And so it is in this context in which the Muslim Debate Initiative has been formed. MDI consists of members from the Muslim community with experience in public speaking, apologetics, polemics, research, community, and political work. Our speakers and researchers come from various academic backgrounds, and so bring a wealth and variety of research and experience in theological, philosophical, scientific, and political fields of study.

The members of MDI believe that debates, discussions, and dialogs are the best way forward in dealing with the intellectual discourse concerning the critical analysis regarding Islam and Muslims. MDI aims to support and promote such discussions that contrast the arguments and positions of each side for the pursuit of truth, all in the spirit of intellectual scrutiny with respect to the other.

MDI members hold to the belief that Islam provides the solution and universal example for humanity to hold onto, that the Islamic belief is intellectually sound, and a perfect and complete way of life. While MDI members hold onto this principle, MDI members do not seek to force this principle onto others, but rather MDI seeks to intellectually communicate why MDI members hold the following positions.

MDI is a platform to promote improved understanding as well as positive discussion, while MDI may facilitate it’s own speaker-members (and opponents) to express their own opinions on MDI platforms, it is not responsible for all opinions expressed within it’s platform, whether religious or political, that go outside the stated beliefs of MDI. Such opinions belong to the individual expressing them.

MDI is a diverse group, with members of various backgrounds, as well as opinions to the many issues we face, no one MDI member speaks as a whole for the group. MDI members are however holistically in agreement to the belief that Islam provides a sound intellectual solution and universal example to humanity.


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